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Our Courses

Discovery and Learning

Christian Education Enrichment Cooperative Homeschool (CEEC)

provides students with high-quality education in a flexible environment. Our classes generally have two 15 or 16-week semesters. The teachers provide mid-term and end of semester grades. Final reporting to your umbrella school is the parents' responsibility. To suit the child's needs, we offer the following courses. Click on a course title for more information or click the mp4 link to see a video course description.


Algebra I mp4 - Elizabeth Weaver
Algebra II mp4 - Elizabeth Weaver
Geometry mp4 - Shelley Stockton
Precalculus mp4 - Elizabeth Weaver


Physical Science mp4 - S. Stockton
Biology mp4 - Ruth Caldwell
Chemistry mp4 - Dr. Jerry Burns
Physics mp4 - Shelley Stockton
Anatomy & Phys. mp4 -

The Arts:

Choir mp4 - Heather Duncan
Adv Ensemble mp4 - Heather Duncan
Art  mp4 - Todd Kiles
Music History mp4 - C. Christiansen




Basic Comp & Lit mp4 - Angie Sayre

Intermediate Comp & Lit mp4 - A. Sayre
Adv Comp & Lit  mp4 - Angie Sayre

Social Science:

US History mp4 - Dr. Timothy Holder
World Geography mp4 - C. Christiansen
Economics & Gov mp4 - C. Christiansen


Personal Finance mp4 - C. Christiansen


Biblical Worldview mp4 - Mark Brackney
Foreign Language:
Spanish 1 mp4 - Collantes/Marquez/Laporte-Ayo
ASL mp4  - Jill Heaton
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard
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